Sustainable Tourism


Our Core Values

Our adventures are very competitive in price and value. They are Combined a combo of 2 attractions in an experience tour with the same time period, but the tours are scientifically designed to help travellers visit more more destinations. This is a strength of My Adventures that no other company has. We focus on small groups instead of large group travel. Destinations are often remote places with few people handled by our professional local suppliers for experiencing your life adventure- time. We have an experienced and professional team, focusing on service and after-sales, solving problems at 24 hours of 7 days to ensure that travellers are safe and sound. Protecting and respecting nature, the environment, protecting the interests of the local community is a very important goal of My Adventures to make tourism industry sustainable.

The Adventures will change you

Travel is a funny thing. You'll meet tons of amazing people, share fantastic experiences and form bonds that last a lifetime. You'll tell intimate stories and share secrets with people you met less than a week ago. When you connect with people on the road it can be a crazy, intense experience. Unlike in a work environment where friendships are formed through small talk and commonalities, travelers are out doing what they love with no inhibitions or restrictions. You can express yourself as honestly and openly as you wish, and even traveling solo often becomes a social experience.

Our Team

Phong Nguyen- Product Manager

Phong has a 21 year- experience as a tour guide, a tour leader and a chief experience Officier in both Vietnam and Indochina. He joined and created many travel projects for many international travel agent around the world like G Adventures, National Jeographic Journeys, Asian Trails, Asco travel. Phong awarded a Top 3 best world leaders in 2015 in Canada. He love travelling and conquiring many untouched areas around the world.

Hoai Pham- Sales Manager

Hoai has over 16 years experience in the tourism industry. She used to be the best sales manager of a travel agency. Hoai is also a senior advisor to many CEOs of large corporations on tourism development.

Trang Dang- Operator

More than 10 years of experience in tour operation, Trang is considered as a diligent and professional operator in her field. She Always ready to serve the travel needs of customers 24/7.

Nguyễn Văn Nam- Local guide

Nam has more than 12 years of experience in the tourism industry. He owns an international instruction card, participating in Topas' first aid training class held every year. He Specializes in Mountain Trail Races, biking, motobike, carnaval, hard-trekking

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